Continuous Control Monitoring Gets Big Backing

Compliance Week By Tammy Whitehouse                                                                                                     […]

Putting Continuous Auditing to Use Can Yield Efficiency and Value

Compliance Week By Tammy Whitehouse                                                                                                     […]

Part 1: Are your GRC Tools Giving You The Insight You Need?

Auditors were never supposed to be jugglers. Why do so many feel like they are? Perhaps because a typical week includes reviewing data from the last quarter using data from disparate systems, while keeping an eye on some high-profile issues in the current quarter (again, using several software solutions) and predicting where the next new […]

Part 2: Are Your GRC Tools Giving You the Insight You Need?

Do you have new risks to worry about? Are you drowning in data? And told that hiring more staff is not an option? Like all other functions in corporate America, Chief Audit Executives and their teams are being asked to manage greater degrees of complexity without adding more to the bottom line. That’s not exactly news. […]

Where are you on the Governance, Risk & Compliance Curve?

Recent studies released by world class organizations like PwC and Grant Thornton underscore the need to change the way GRC processes are managed from a mostly manual, silo-ed approach to a continuous, integrated approach in order to mitigate the increasing myriad of risks facing companies across all industries. Financial crises, global business interaction, and regulatory […]


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