In addition to the advanced software solutions designed for auditors, Reliant also provides expert consulting services to help you maximize the return on your software investments. If you need to optimize your Audit or Business Processes, or you are planning a major change to your environment, Reliant consultants can help with these services:

ReliantAuditor™ Pilot – Automated Controls Assessment
As another audit cycle approaches, the process of gathering documentation, planning, control testing, and preparing transaction samples is a long, tedious process for most audit departments…and actual control testing hasn’t even begun. If you struggle with insufficient resources and coverage, and you lack confidence in your audit results, you’re not alone. Despite the fact that automated control testing is now available, manual testing is still the predominant method used by internal auditors. Why? For most companies, it’s not a lack of desire for faster, more efficient methods, just a lack of understanding on how to get there. That’s why Reliant Solutions now offers ReliantAuditor™ Pilot, a two-week pilot that lets you experience Continuous Monitoring of your controls in your ERP environment quickly and easily.

ReliantAuditor™ Pilot Provides 100% Coverage
Powered by the ReliantAuditor™ continuous monitoring engine, ReliantAuditor™ Pilot lets you apply automated controls against 100% of the transactions within a select set of processes and control types, such as:

  • Order-to-Cash
  • Procure-to-Pay
  • Inventory
  • Segregation of Duties
  • Sarbanes Oxley

ReliantAuditor™ Pilot identifies control exceptions from potential fraudulent activity, human oversight and processing errors that traditional sampling can miss. Exception reports and summary charts provide actionable data to guide follow-up testing and remediation efforts based on level of risk.

ReliantReady™ – Readiness Assessment
A detailed assessment of your audit and IT environments helps you to determine your organization’s “readiness” to adopt a continuous risk management solution. Assessment includes:

  • Review of current internal control library
  • Review of audit plan and work programs
  • Identification of organizational, process and technology issues that may impede adoption of an automated solution
  • Recommendations on staffing, audit procedures, controls library and IT infrastructure
  • Cost estimate to implement automated solution

ReliantDeploy™ – Software Implementation
This service provides planning, deployment and customization support for Reliant software applications, and may include the following activities:

  • Software installation, configuration and testing
  • ERP system integration
  • Configuration of framework, audit plans, and workflow
  • Deployment of custom and/or prepackaged controls
  • Control library rationalization
  • Control testing and optimization
  • End user training

ReliantACS™ – Audit Consulting Services
Reliant consultants are experts in audit and risk management. Consulting services are available to assist customers with:

  • Audit preparation
  • Sarbanes-Oxley compliance
  • Control testing and remediation
  • Control library rationalization and optimization
  • Risk assessment

ReliantSCS™ – Strategic Consulting Services
Reliant offers planning and execution support for significant IT or business process changes. ReliantSCS can help organizations to be better prepared to manage change and increase success rates. ReliantSCS includes:

  • Readiness assessment and change plan development
  • Analysis and redesign of current business processes
  • Infrastructure assessement and IT preparedness
  • Detailed project planning
  • Complete or partial support for execution of Readiness Plan