The end goal of the audit program is not just passing the external audit, but helping your organization to manage risk. Introducing ReliantAuditor™, the first and only continuous risk management solution designed to help audit executives automate audit operations to more effectively manage risk.  By integrating continuous monitoring with automated control testing and remediation, risk assessment, audit plan management, and a dynamic risk framework, ReliantAuditor delivers the two most important outcomes from an audit program:  assurance in financial reporting and confidence in corporate controls.

“With ReliantAuditor™, we’re finally seeing thebenefits in audit efficiency and quality that we’ve been looking for.”Bill Hagerman, Executive Director of Internal Audit


Global Dashboard - Provides role-based interface to display risk and control metrics and critical audit program alerts from across the enterprise.

2.9 Dashboard

Dynamic Risk Framework - Provides a central repository and methodology for managing corporate risks and controls.  The framework is dynamically updated with control test data and audit results from across the enterprise, with COSO support built-in.

Continuous Control Monitoring - Monitors business applications to detect control violations, such as for Segregation of Duties, financial thresholds exceeded, or changes to configurations and master data.  Control violations are routed for investigation and resolution.

Contextual Risk Assessment - Enables auditors to assess risks and controls from several contexts, such as by business process, risk severity, and significant account.  It includes dynamic FSLI assessment, and you can schedule Self-Assessments for automatic distribution.

Risk-driven Audit Program - Provides audit plan templates for managing SOX, Financial and Operational Audits.  This feature is integrated with Risk Assessment to automatically generate relevant plan elements.  Audit work program is tracked as it is executed.

Automated Control Testing and Remediation - Enables auditors to schedule control tests, define sampling parameters, extract sample sets (up to 100%) and document results, all within a centralized environment.

Out-of-Box Content – Reliant offers a broad range of standards-based, best-practice controls, audit plan templates and audit process workflows designed to be used “out of the box”.